Corrugated packaging plays a pivotal role in modern manufacturing and logistics. It is characterized by a series of parallel ridges and grooves, providing sturdy and lightweight packaging solutions. This ensures the safe transportation of goods across various supply chain stages.

Designing and manufacturing customer corrugated packaging solutions to meet the unique distribution and go-to-market requirements of today’s ever-changing supply chain. Equipt to supply the simplest Shipping Containers or the more specialized Moisture Barrier Protection, Elaborate Point of Sales Packaging, or Large Format Jumbo Cartons we are a one stop shop for all our customers corrugated packaging needs. The unique combination of two paper mills combined with full line corrugated box plants, and specialty sheet plants has Hood positioned to be a full spectrum mill to market supplier in the industry. We can go to market with the economies and synergies of the largest integrated manufacturers but with the boutique customer service and entrepreneurial spirit of an independent sheet plant.

Key Elements of Corrugated Packaging Solutions

The following elements work in synergy to create robust and versatile industrial corrugated packaging solutions:

  • Linerboard: This is the flat outer surface of corrugated packaging, typically constructed from kraft paper. It strengthens and protects the contents and serves as a printable surface for branding and information.
  • Medium: This is the wavy inner layer of corrugated packaging made from kraft paper. It provides cushioning and support to the package, helping to absorb shocks and vibrations during transit. It also contributes to the overall strength and rigidity of the packaging.
  • Flutes: These are the wave-shaped arches sandwiched between the linerboards. They are crucial for the structural integrity of the corrugated material, offering rigidity to the packaging. They also create air pockets, which provide insulation against temperature fluctuations.
  • Adhesive: This is the bonding agent used to secure the layers of linerboard and medium together, forming the corrugated structure. It plays a critical role in ensuring the stability and durability of the packaging, especially under varying environmental conditions.

Areas our Industrial Corrugated Packaging can meet your packaging needs

Our Industrial Corrugated packaging helps you leverage your packaging to enhance product protection and product sales:

Packaging and Shipping

The lightweight yet sturdy construction of corrugated packaging makes it ideal for safeguarding various products during transportation. Corrugated boxes, containers, and cartons provide cushioning against impacts and vibrations, ensuring items arrive at their destinations undamaged.


In agriculture, corrugated materials are employed in packaging and transporting fruits, vegetables, and other perishable goods. They provide ventilation to prevent spoilage and are used for growing plants, transporting soil, and constructing protective crop enclosures.

Signage and Display

Corrugated boards are widely used in the signage and display industry to develop eye-catching promotional materials. They are used to construct temporary and semi-permanent displays, exhibition stands, and signage for events, retail stores, and trade shows.


Corrugated boxes and containers are used to safely transport goods within the manufacturing process, from assembly lines to storage areas. Their customizable designs and stackable nature optimize storage space and streamline logistical operations, ensuring efficient production processes.

Retail and Merchandising

Various corrugated displays and point-of-sale materials enhance product visibility and attract customers’ attention in stores. This approach to merchandising helps drive sales, increase brand awareness, and differentiate products from competitors on crowded retail shelves.


Corrugated materials are integral to the automotive industry’s packaging of spare parts, components, and accessories. They offer cushioning during storage, handling, and transportation, safeguarding automotive products from damage.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability Efforts Within the Packaging Industry

Within the packaging industry, there is an increasing emphasis on addressing environmental impact and implementing sustainability efforts. Companies recognize the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing waste throughout the packaging lifecycle. This includes sourcing materials from responsibly managed forests and utilizing recycled content whenever possible.

The adoption of circular economy principles is also gaining traction within the packaging industry. This involves designing packaging for reuse, recycling, or repurposing at the end of its life cycle rather than being disposed of as waste. Companies also invest in infrastructure and partnerships to improve recycling rates and develop closed-loop systems that promote the recovery of packaging materials.

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