Contract Packaging is an important step in the supply chain for getting our customers’ products to the end user. Many manufacturers do not have the space, labor, equipment, and distribution capabilities to cost-effectively complete this step. Our network of Contract Packaging facilities is dedicated to providing these services and when combined with our expert design and materials manufacturing allow us to become a full turnkey supplier that provides added value and cost savings for our customers.

Key Components:

Space – We operate large facilities capable of receiving and storing the inbound packaging materials and WIP on the front end and then warehousing on the back end in advance of distribution.

Labor – Our facilities are located near scalable labor pools in order to increase or decrease with varying demand.

Versatile Equipment – We maintain a versatile equipment profile capable of handling a wide variety of co-packing processes from simple kitting to complex display assembly and fulfillment.

Inventory Control – Our inventory systems track materials and goods from start to finish and beyond, provide lot tracking, and are capable of executing recalls.

Project Management – Our staff of project managers oversee every detail of jobs and keep them on track to ensure that deadlines are met and deliveries arrive on time.

Planning – The planning team coordinates the procurement of all necessary components and customer provided products and materials within the critical timeline.

Quality Control – Our quality process is woven throughout the entire operation and ensures that finished goods meet and exceed customer expectations.

Logistics – Regional deliveries can be handled by our company-owned fleet. Larger, long distance, or dedicated delivers are coordinated by our team through qualified third-party carriers.

Turnkey – Combine our robust Contract Packaging Services with our Design, Manufacturing, and Logistics abilities and you have a Turnkey solution that will take your in-store executions from concept to consumer.