Hood Container recognizes that supporting our team members in their growth and continued educational endeavors not only creates a learning culture within the organization, but helps us realize the potential of our team members.

The sales training program at Hood Container has been a unique and rewarding experience so far. I know that I have all of the tools and resources I need to be successful and learn as much as possible.

Annie Schaubel, Sales Representative

We aim to provide a work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth and to that end, Hood Container is developing resources and programs to develop top talent from within our organization.

Online Courses

Hood Container is a member of AICC, the independent packaging association, and as a member has access to online training resources. These online course help manufacturers invest, attract, and retain employees. AICC offers more than 60 online courses are available to every employee at every AICC member company included with membership. These courses range from the basics of various packaging media, to safety, to advanced content in customer service and everything else that successful box plant operations need.

Sales Training Program

Started in 2020, Hood Container has rolled out it’s Sales Training Program. This year long program invites new sales representatives to become fully immersed not only in sales education, but gain a comprehensive understanding of the paper and packaging industry. This program is geared towards those new to the industry, but with sales experience or those familiar with the industry yet would like to transfer into a sales position. Despite a sales representatives’ background, this hands-on program has the full support and access to top leadership as they navigate their year of in-depth exposure.