Tractor Fleet

Our dedicated fleet and professional drivers safely travel more than one million miles annually ensuring on-time delivery of materials to our customers while utilizing state of the art equipment and technology to provide real-time data and metrics for outstanding customer service.

Between our professional truck drivers and our facility locations, we can distribute to most of the US market in less than one day.



Our goal is to provide the safest transportation solution possible while providing outstanding on-time service and flexibility to our customers. We accomplish this by:

  • Our full-time professional drivers have the experience of safely traveling more than one million miles annually. They are a common face to our customers. By driving consistent routes, they understand our customer needs and are able to adjust to delivery changes.
  • Well maintained equipment that receives regular preventive maintenance.
  • Our sizeable trailer fleet enables us to pre-load orders and drop trailers at our customer locations when needed. We have helped streamline our customers’ operation by having the right amount of product at our customer location ready to go.
  • Fleet and Customer service managers can make real-time adjustments and provide an up to date status on every delivery as needed.
  • Capable of shipping all modes of transportation whether that be truck, LTL, rail, intermodal, or parcel. We work with our customers to determine the best solution for them.



Our extensive network of warehouses across the country is an asset to our customers. We create a partnership that optimizes inventory levels and makes doing business with Hood Container easy. We provide:

  • Storage for raw materials and finished goods
  • Inventory Management through bar code and Lot tracking we can make sure the right amount of inventory is maintained and ready to ship.
  • Accurate Inventory levels are maintained through our WM system and regular cycle counts.
  • Rodent & Pest Controlled services are maintained at our warehouses
  • Our locations are secure and safe to make sure there are no interruptions in service
  • Our expert team makes sure we have optimal warehouse layouts that allow us to quickly access all items at any time.


Inventory Management

Our inventory department is dedicated to the highest inventory accuracy with limited variances. We utilize multiple processes and live system support to ensure the best control of materials throughout the entire operation. An Inventory Specialist is assigned to each account to ensure all inventory is updated and reviewed daily. Administrative support is available to communicate live inventory requests, update external systems for any customer such as SAP, research of any inventory discrepancy, confirmation of BOL’s for both incoming and outgoing shipments, production records, and verification of lot code tracking if needed.