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What Is a Paper Mill?

May, 2024

Paper mills are industrial facilities that efficiently convert raw materials into high-quality paper products while minimizing waste and environmental impact. Their main processes involve optimizing production to ensure the consistent quality and quantity of paper output. They strive to remain competitive by controlling production costs and meeting customer demands for diverse paper products.

In this article, we will examine paper mills’ history and key elements, tracing their evolution from traditional methods to automated facilities.

History of Paper Mills

The earliest known papermaking techniques date back to around 2,000 years ago. Initially, paper was handmade using natural fibers such as mulberry bark, hemp, and rags. These fibers were beaten into a pulp, which was spread onto a flat surface, pressed, and dried to form sheets of paper.

The invention of the water-powered paper mill in medieval Europe marked a significant milestone in the history of paper production. Watermills supplied an efficient power source, allowing for the automation of various phases of the papermaking process. By the 13th century, paper mills had been constructed in Spain and France. They made paper for writing, books, and other uses.

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries resulted in additional advances in paper mill technology. Steam power replaced water as the primary energy source, enabling larger-scale production and higher processing rates. Innovations like the Fourdrinier machine further revolutionized papermaking by automating the continuous manufacture of paper sheets.

Key Elements of a Paper Mill

Here are the fundamental components comprising standard paper mills:

Wood Handling and Preparation

The first key element is wood handling and preparation, where raw materials such as logs or wood chips are received and processed. This process involves debarking, chipping, and screening the wood to create suitable fibers for papermaking.

Pulping Process

The pulping process encompasses mechanical or chemical methods to separate the fibers and remove impurities. The quality and characteristics of the pulp significantly influence the final paper product’s strength, texture, and appearance.

Paper Machine

The paper machine is the central component of paper mills, where the actual paper production takes place. It consists of various sections, including the headbox, wire section, press section, drying section, and reel. Each section plays a crucial role in transforming the raw materials into finished paper products through mechanical and chemical processes.

Chemical Recovery System

Chemical recovery systems recover cooking chemicals and convert organic compounds into usable byproducts, such as lignin and tall oil. They help paper production facilities optimize resource utilization and reduce dependency on external chemical sources.

Stock Preparation

Stock preparation processes raw materials into a suitable pulp for papermaking. This stage includes pulping, refining, and blending, where raw materials like wood chips or recycled paper are transformed into a uniform pulp mixture.

Roll Handling and Winding

Roll handling and winding begin with the unwinding of parent rolls and progress through various stages, such as slitting, rewinding, and packaging. Efficient roll handling ensures smooth production flow, limits downtime, and maintains product quality, making it an essential aspect of papermaking operations. It also contributes to workplace safety by reducing the risk of accidents associated with handling heavy rolls.

Water and Effluent Treatment

Paper mills utilize advanced treatment processes to purify water used in various production stages and treat wastewater before discharge. Efficient water management strategies help reduce environmental impact and minimize water consumption. Meanwhile, stringent effluent treatment ensures compliance with regulatory standards for water quality.

Choose Hood Container for Paper Products and Packaging Solutions

At Hood Container, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in the paper and packaging industry. Leveraging advanced technology and sustainable practices, we ensure the highest quality standards in paper production and packaging solutions. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our operations, from raw material sourcing to final product delivery.

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Alan Clark, Senior Vice President Converting Division

Jan, 2024

Hood Container Corporation announces that Alan Clark has joined the company in the role of Senior Vice President, Converting Division. In this role Alan will work to advance efforts in improving company culture, sales optimization, operational performance, and company profitability while leading a group of experienced leaders in achieving these results.

Alan has more than 30 years manufacturing, containerboard, and corrugated packaging experience, having previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Jackson Paper Corporation. Prior to Jackson Paper, Alan held various leadership positions with Harper Love, International Paper, and McKinsey & Company.

Alan will report to Charlie Hodges, President and COO of Hood Container.


Jan, 2024


Transaction Emphasizes Hood Container’s Continued Focus On Corrugated Packaging Operations by Acquiring Operations Serving the Growing Carolinas/Georgia Region and the National Market for High Graphics Packaging.


ATLANTA, GEORGIA  January 5, 2024   Hood Container Corporation announced today that it has acquired the corrugated packaging business of Sumter, SC based Sumter Packaging Corporation. This includes all of Sumter’s design, manufacturing, assembly and fulfillment operations in Sumter, SC as well as the business manufactured and serviced from the Statesville, NC facility.

Benjamin DeSollar, CEO of Sumter Packaging Corporation stated, “Our roots in packaging go back over 100 years. Sumter Packaging was founded by Ed Fienning with traditions of family values, delighting our customers and being a strong community partner. The fantastic team at Sumter Packaging has built on those traditions and expanded on them to deliver world class quality, customer service, design and graphics. We are excited to be joining a family-owned company in Hood with strong values, vision, and the capability to further improve on the strengths we already have with its national network and the ability to offer vertical supply chain integration.”

Charlie Hodges, President, and COO of Hood Container Corporation, commented, “Hood Container is very pleased to have acquired Sumter Packaging. Ben DeSollar and his team have built a company that reflects our cultural aspirations for both our employees and communities, our focus on operational excellence, and the value proposition Hood Container expects to deliver to our customers and clients. In addition, Sumter’s location and asset capabilities allow Hood to continue its reach into both a new market geography and continued expansion into exciting new product markets as we continue to integrate Hood’s industrial corrugated operations with our mill system.”

Hood Container operates locations in seventeen states. The company also owns and operates linerboard, medium, and multiwall paper manufacturing operations in New Johnsonville, TN and St. Francisville, LA.

Hood Container Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hood Companies, Inc. Hood Companies is a privately owned, closely held holding company and is the parent to operating subsidiaries involved in the manufacture and distribution of forest and wood products, building and construction materials, and flexible and corrugated packaging products throughout North America.

Hood Container Acquires Sustainable Printing LLC

Jul, 2023



ATLANTA, GEORGIA  July 31, 2023   Hood Container Corporation announced today that it has acquired the corrugated packaging business of Dalton, GA based Sustainable Printing LLC. The transaction includes all printing, converting, and ancillary equipment located in Dalton, GA. Hood will continue operating these assets in the current facility.

These assets complement Hood Container’s Southeastern footprint creating greater corrugated capacity and enhanced production capabilities in the Georgia and Tennessee region.   This acquisition increases Hood Container’s digital print production footprint and will allow the company to continue expanding its corrugated converting capabilities.

Charlie Hodges, President and COO of Hood Container Corporation, commented, “The Dalton facility will provide additional capacity and new capabilities to Hood’s presence in the markets we serve. We are excited to add these capabilities to Hood’s offerings to better serve and care for our existing and new customers.”

Hood Container operates locations in seventeen states. The company also owns and operates linerboard, medium, and shipping sack paper manufacturing operations in New Johnsonville, TN and St. Francisville, LA.

Hood Container Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hood Companies, Inc. Hood Companies is a privately owned, closely held holding company and is the parent to operating subsidiaries involved in the manufacture and distribution of forest and wood products, building and construction materials, and flexible and corrugated packaging products throughout North America.

Hood Container Community Service Event – York, PA

Jun, 2023

This week our HCC York local sales team, general manager, and customer service team joined Christian Aid Ministries in one of their service events.  Christian Aid Ministries is a customer of the HCC York plant and Jerry Dotoli, account executive for the team, coordinated and finalized this our participation in this event.  The event included bagging white rice from bulk to individual bags (to provide WIP) for the final packaging with a variety of products in our food parcel boxes to be distributed globally. It was humbling to see the level of participation from the community to support the efforts of their mission. It was great that our team members were able to participate and it gave everyone a sense of satisfaction having been part of it. The York Team packed four tons of rice that day.  The rice will then be sent into Christian Aid Ministries in large bulk bags and will be sent to Ukraine and Romania.

Charles Hodges featured on “Breaking Down Boxes”

Jun, 2023

Hood Container is excited to have our very own President & COO Charles Hodges featured in the latest episode of “Breaking Down Boxes” with hosts Gene Marino, Akers Packaging Service Group and Joseph Morelli, Huston Patterson Printers & Lewisburg Printing Company. Listen to Charlie discuss his path and evolution in the industry and how that has led him to establishing the culture of Hood Container today. Listen here now:

Congratulations to our Self-Care Challenge calendar raffle winners!

Jun, 2023

For the month of May Hood Container wanted to raise awareness for mental health. Each location hosted activities, had give – aways, and shared information about how practice some self care.

We had great participation with our Self-Care Challenge Calendars in which team members could choose one way to practice self care each day during the month, record it on their calendar, and then submit their calendars for a chance to win a raffle. We received 124 completed calendars, spanning across 32 of our locations! What a great effort by everyone this month.

Congratulations to our Self-Care Challenge calendar raffle winners and thank you to all who participated!

  • Anthony Fletcher: Winston-Salem
  • Eladio Romo: Chicago
  • JaHen Marlin: Greensboro
  • Sharon Noel: Tampa
  • Carol Bryant: Franklin

AF&PA Announces New Board Leadership and Members

Feb, 2023

Congratulations to Hood Container President and COO, Charlie Hodges, on being named a new director to the AF&PA board of directors.

“The AF&PA Board of Directors comprises top industry leaders representing a broad spectrum of companies in the paper and wood products manufacturing sector.

AF&PA also welcomed 5 new directors:

  • Arsen Kitch, President and Chief Executive Officer, Clearwater Paper Corporation
  • Charles Hodges, President and Chief Operating Officer, Hood Container Corporation
  • Dick Carmical, Chief Executive Officer, The Price Companies, Inc.
  • Mark Ushpol, Executive Vice President, Food & Consumer Packaging, Ahlstrom
  • Ole Rosgaard, President and Chief Executive Officer, Greif, Inc.”

View full press AF&PA press release here:

Hood Container Named Recipient of P&G 2022 External Business Partner Excellence Award

Nov, 2022

The External Business Partner Excellence Award, initiated in 2008, is P&G’s award to recognize its top performing external business partners. This prestigious award is bestowed upon External Business Partners to recognize those who have made the greatest impact to P&G’s business while exceeding expectations across innovation, quality, service, and value. The winners were selected from a list of >1,000 suppliers globally. Each winner was directly nominated from an internal team & category at P&G.

Hood Container was nominated by the P&G Personal Health Care (PHC) North America division for its strong partnership and success across cash, cost and service, and delivering record growth for the category in FY 21/22. The PHC business is supported by the Winston – Salem corrugated plant, Rural Hall fulfillment plant, and various partners for other packaging materials. P&G identified Hood Container for our flexibility, dependability, and ability to prioritize customer’s needs. We are very proud to support their business and honored to be acknowledged for this award.

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Taylor Swift’s Midnights Display

Nov, 2022

Recently Hood Container saw the release of a huge project, working with Universal Music Group, 13 Management, and Target for Taylor Swift’s Midnights release. Hood Container worked with these groups to create unique turnkey displays that have been blowing up social media.

After receiving guidance on the idea behind the overall look and feel of displays, Hood Container Burbank designed 12 overall options in grayscale format to narrow down the form factor, after which the design was chosen quickly. Structural design worked out the form factor and created a fully assembled white sample for testing and review. Due to the fact that the display needed to roll and had weight limits, our team moved forward by loading half the product in the display & half in a product box under the display shipped all within one master carton.  Stores were able to load added product from box to display once it was on the floor, but it was already half loaded. Focusing on graphics, by using 4 Color 10 PT litho on single phase corrugate it provided the unit strength and clean lines. The use of a Satin AQ gave the correct sheen for the wood and parchment graphics and the brand graphics. Seamless engineering allowed for flow of graphics to encompass the entire display and with our without product loaded, the messaging and the artwork, clearly informed and engaged the consumer.

Security requirements were also a challenge. In addition to engineering a detailed shroud print plate with store instructions on outside in a pocket along with store warning label, 4 layers of warning messages were detailed on the outer shroud, black display bag cover, corrugate shipping cover, and inner product box.

With Hood Container’s integrated resources, execution of this project became a team effort.

HCC Chicago produced all graphics on the Bobst and the flexo was rod coated with the satin varnish. HCC Nashville produced all the brown board including customized shrouds and product boxes. The allocation of different aspects of the project allowed us to produce the entire project in a much faster timeline and ship the project components to co-packing. This indirect pre planning helped level load between facilities volumes during the early fall months.

After many months of hard work put forth by our team, the resulting response was overwhelming. Not only did Hood Container provide an easy set up display on time that was in 100% compliance with Target, but also delivered a great client and consumer experience with the release of Taylor Swift’s record breaking new album.