Taylor Swift’s Midnights Display

Nov, 2022

Recently Hood Container saw the release of a huge project, working with Universal Music Group, 13 Management, and Target for Taylor Swift’s Midnights release. Hood Container worked with these groups to create unique turnkey displays that have been blowing up social media.

After receiving guidance on the idea behind the overall look and feel of displays, Hood Container Burbank designed 12 overall options in grayscale format to narrow down the form factor, after which the design was chosen quickly. Structural design worked out the form factor and created a fully assembled white sample for testing and review. Due to the fact that the display needed to roll and had weight limits, our team moved forward by loading half the product in the display & half in a product box under the display shipped all within one master carton.  Stores were able to load added product from box to display once it was on the floor, but it was already half loaded. Focusing on graphics, by using 4 Color 10 PT litho on single phase corrugate it provided the unit strength and clean lines. The use of a Satin AQ gave the correct sheen for the wood and parchment graphics and the brand graphics. Seamless engineering allowed for flow of graphics to encompass the entire display and with our without product loaded, the messaging and the artwork, clearly informed and engaged the consumer.

Security requirements were also a challenge. In addition to engineering a detailed shroud print plate with store instructions on outside in a pocket along with store warning label, 4 layers of warning messages were detailed on the outer shroud, black display bag cover, corrugate shipping cover, and inner product box.

With Hood Container’s integrated resources, execution of this project became a team effort.

HCC Chicago produced all graphics on the Bobst and the flexo was rod coated with the satin varnish. HCC Nashville produced all the brown board including customized shrouds and product boxes. The allocation of different aspects of the project allowed us to produce the entire project in a much faster timeline and ship the project components to co-packing. This indirect pre planning helped level load between facilities volumes during the early fall months.

After many months of hard work put forth by our team, the resulting response was overwhelming. Not only did Hood Container provide an easy set up display on time that was in 100% compliance with Target, but also delivered a great client and consumer experience with the release of Taylor Swift’s record breaking new album.