Habitat for Humanity Food Drive

Apr, 2021

Hood Container Atlanta was recently fortunate enough to connect with a local church whose hope was to fill over 400 food boxes for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity homeowners that have been impacted by Covid-19 through a new food box serving opportunity. Hood Container designed and produced these boxes to help Peachtree Church get closer to reaching their goal. General Manager Mark Boyd said, “Hood is proud to play a small part of the generous work you and your church are doing for the community.”

As they had started to prepare for this project, they had reached out to over 12 different companies requesting quotes to purchase boxes. As they were close to making a decision, Ginny Nickles, Director of Mission Mobilization & Innovation for Peachtree Church, received a call from Hood Container’s VP of Sales and Marketing Jeff Craig. Ginny said, “It was late, after 5pm, and my phone rang. I was driving home and had to pull over to take the call, I answered that call and the gentleman on the other end asked me about the food box project, what we wanted to do with the boxes, and when we wanted to do with the boxes and when we needed them. I told him all about Atlanta Habitat and what some of their families

are experiencing. Then, I will never forget, he said ‘We will take care of this for you.'” Hood Container not only offered to donate the production and printing of the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity boxes, but they also doubled the number we were originally budgeting to purchase!”

Understanding the devastation that some families have experienced this past year, Hood Container is also in touch with Atlanta Habitat and Buckhead Christian Ministry to connect our local plant with those in need of work due to the pandemic.


Hood Container Atlanta Employees: L-R: Eloy Francisco, Martin Salcedo, Santos Amador, Antonio Gasper, Lucio Diaz, Leobardo Gonzalez, John Batemon





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